Spooky books we like

Do you have spooky, creepy, unsettling books that you like?  Do let us know.  Here are some of ours:

Bradbury, RayThe Halloween Tree  (1972)
Bradbury, Ray,  The Illustrated Man  (1951)
Bradbury, Ray,  Something Wicked This Way Comes (1962)
Bradbury, Ray,  Long After Midnight  (1976)
Bradbury, Ray,  Death Is A Lonely Business  (1985)
Bradbury, Ray,  A Graveyard For Lunatics  (1995)
Bradbury, Ray,  Let’s All Kill Constance  (2002)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel, “The Minister’s Black Veil” (1836)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, “Rappacini’s Daughter” (1844)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, The House of the Seven Gables (1851)

Irving, Washington, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (1820)
Irving, Washington, The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gentleman (1819-20)

Rice, AnneInterview With The Vampire  (1976)
Rice, Anne,  The Vampire Lestat  (1985)
Rice, Anne,  The Queen of the Damned  (1988)
Rice, Anne,  The Tale of the Body Thief  (1992)
Rice, Anne,  Memnoch the Devil  (1995)
Rice, Anne,  The Vampire Armand  (1998)
Rice, Anne,  Pandora  (1998)
Rice, Anne,  Vittorio The Vampire  (1999)
Rice, Anne,  Merrick  (2000)
Rice, Anne,  Blood And Gold  (2001)
Rice, Anne,  Blackwood Farm  (2002)
Rice, Anne,  Blood Canticle  (2003)
Rice, Anne,  The Witching Hour  (1990)
Rice, Anne,  Lasher  (1993)
Rice, Anne,  Taltos  (1994)
Rice, Anne,  The Mummy, or Ramses The Damned  (1989)
Rice, Anne,  Servant of the Bones  (1996)
Rice, Anne,  The Wolf Gift  (2012)
Rice, Anne,  The Wolves of Midwinter  (2013)

Serling, Carol,  Twilight Zone:  19 Original Stories on the 50th Anniversary  (2009)

Setterfield, DianeThe Thirteenth Tale  (2006)
Setterfield, Diane,  Bellman & Black  (2013)

Zelazny, Roger,   A Night in the Lonesome October  (1993)

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