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Spooky Things online is a blog about all those dark, haunting, sometimes creepy or macabre things that linger in the back of the mind.  It’s for people who appreciate Gothic tales, abandoned abbeys, All Souls Day, the Day of the Dead, spirits, the traditional aspects of Halloween, the speculative and the unexplained.  The blog is focused on traditional spooky things all around the country.  It’s not a Halloween website per se – it’s a year-’round spooky, haunted, paranormal site that leads up to Halloween.  Halloween is just the straw that stirs the drink though.

Our interest is to capture the spirit and soul of Halloween by pointing out traditional things that lead up to it throughout the year.  And we’ll welcome your help on that score.  We’re trying to focus on the roots of Halloween and spooky things.  We prefer quality, not quantity; we’d like to keep things personalized, not commercialized.  And we’d very much like you to be a regular part of what we do.

We’re interested in sharing with you information about real haunted houses in your neighborhoods and cities and the legends behind them.  We’re interested in sharing with you traditional spooky and eerie movie choices, rather than horror, slasher or The Vampire Diaries stories/Twilight movies.  We’re interested in real ghost or spooky stories, too.

Our backgrounds are as journalists, our interests are the traditional.  We’re more interested in spooky things than in shock value and horror related things.  Not that there won’t be some of that in here, as we’ll keep an open mind on everything.   On average, as far as spooky sites are concerned, we’re more interested in Halloween-themed independently owned haunted houses, mega-haunts and ‘scream’ parks than the huge, themed-park attractions.  But we’re not limited to places:  stories, ideas, legends, TV and film, books — all of these things are of interest if they have a spooky, creepy, unsettling, mysterious bent.

If you know and love the story of Resurrection Mary, watched Kolchak: The Night Stalker, loved some of the creepier episodes of The X Files before they went pure conspiracy theory and sci-fi, or liked Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone, you’re probably on our wavelength.  We’re not that into horror — it’s more the mystery than the terror that fascinates — or vampires or other fictional monsters (they’re a different category of speculative fiction); it’s the spooky and otherworldly that grabs us.  For us, it’s a whole lot closer to Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes than to Bride of Chucky  But we could be wrong about being on the same frequency as you; the only way for you to tell is to visit here often, read some of the things we post, contemplate them and see if they fit what’s been lingering in the back of your mind.

More than anything, we’d like the spirit and soul of spooky things to reside here.  How about you?

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