About us

Who are these spooks who have a blog about all things unsettling, you wonder?  We are Michael and Maria, bi-coastal (Santa Monica vs. Chicago, West Coast versus Third Coast), journalists and authors by day, bloggers and ponderers by night, and not about to help you out with pictures of us.  Are we a modern day Gomez and Morticia, our basic black more Chanel than spook, or are we something more out of Edward Gorey?  Yes.  To both.  Really, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve seen us — this blog really isn’t about us; it’s about this particular set of interests.  Which we hope you share.  Besides, you’d have to pay extra to get a load of Maria in her black trench, black shades, black fishnets and black fedora.

Now please pardon us while we go carve a really otherworldly Jack o’ lantern …

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Is there a date for the story of “Luis Alvarado, the Honorary Mayor of Griffith Park, reportedly encountered a ghost on two occasions by the merry go round”?


    • Not that we’ve been able to determine (although I’m not sure that Michael asked him for a precise date when they spoke); but I do know that it was more than a year ago. — Marie


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