Spooky Visit: 2019 Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. Midnight Falls

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is a favorite place of Spooky Things Online to visit during the Halloween season.

We’ve done previous posts about our 2014 visit and our 2018 one. The 2018 one has the history behind it and information on founder Melissa Carbone.

So what’s new at the 2019 experience? Alot. And alot of what was very good last year is back.

Guiding Philosophy

As founder Melissa Carbone told me last year:

At the LA Haunted Hayride you feel like you’re in small town Americana.  “It feels like a fall festival Halloween. The continuity of the LA Haunted Hayride is we never take you out of the Halloween mind-frame.

While she has admiration for Knotts Scary Farm and Universal Studios Hollywood Horror night, they aren’t her competition.

When you go to an amusement park you get taken out of the mind-frame because walking from one maze to the next you’ll walk by (for example) The Simpsons or the Sponge Bob square pants ride and it takes you out of Halloween for a second,” she says.  And we try to never do that with any of our attractions.

This is what the LA Haunted Hayride nails like those in a coffin. They’ve had it from the first times I’ve visited it. But I would say the experience within the atmosphere continues to improve.

New Theme

This year we were introduced to a nice little Halloween town, named “Midnight Falls.” In this place, it’s always Halloween, Oct. 31, 1985. At least that’s what one ghoulish resident told me.

Midnight Falls

As the LA Haunted Hayride website charmingly says, “Within the foothills of Midnight Falls, the Hayride leads to a thrilling adventure of horrors afflicting the town. Out in the darkness, a portal has opened spilling hideous creatures…The spirit of Halloween comes to life surrounding helpless victims brave enough to board The Hayride.”

LA Haunted Hayride

Pumpkins 2019

Spooky Things: The hayride goes at a nice pace,  not too fast, and there is plenty to see every inch along the way. No wasted efforts. I didn’t time the ride, but I’d say it lasted 15 minutes, maybe 20 but don’t hold me dead to rights on that.

It’s good, very good. But be brave enough to survive the lines if you don’t buy VIP passes.

Now the hayride isn’t the only game in the town of Midnight Falls.

Oh, you said you like mazes? Well, they have you covered.

Midnight Mortuary

Let’s again refer to the excellent LA Haunted Hayride website: “The dark and ominous house at the end of the street looms over Midnight Falls. Owned and operated by the Marlow family for decades, the local funeral parlor holds many sinister secrets. The town’s mysteries can be found breaking-through the dim hallways of the Midnight Mortuary.

Spooky Things: I really, really liked Midnight Mortuary.  It was very well staged. You could clearly see what was going on in each room. And the rooms were all done very well. And of course, lots of ghouls, corpses, etc. I especially appreciated not really much of flashing lights in my face, or ghouls jumping out at me. You can sort of see them so you’re not shocked.

Midnight Mortuary is a Halloween feast for the eyes and experience. Well done, ghouls. Take two strewn body parts out of petty cash.

Trick Or Treat Neighborhood 

LA Haunted Hayride website: “Local homes inside Midnight Falls spring to life, driven by the spirit of Halloween. But it is soon discovered the ghoulish residents have far more tricks on their mind than treats. The wondrous magic of a traditional neighborhood Halloween celebration is turned upside down as terrors stalk the streets in Trick-or-Treat.

This is called a “fan favorite re-imagined.” We wrote about this last year, and it was even better this year.

You start in a house, which, come on, is haunted. It’s again a feast for the eyes and you can enjoy the experience clearly. Again, no plethora of lights in your eyes like you’re being interrogated.

After you make it out of the house with your skin, you wonder into a Midnight Falls  neighborhood.

HH House 2019

The houses are for the most part, very well kept up.  As for the occupants who come to the door when you ring, well, that’s another story. There’s a variety of ghouls, and to be honest, some are like dead or decaying. Which is fine because, you know, it’s Halloween.

HH House 3

RoadKill Ranch

Another “charming”  place that great for Halloween.

Within the dreadful chaos lurking inside, face the horrifying wrath of an ancient entity crawling inside Roadkill Ranch.” -LA Haunted Hayride website. 

While I liked “Midnight Mortuary” and “Trick or Treat” better, this was still good and worth going to.

Town Square

“Just underneath the layers of Jack O’ Lanterns, glowing orange lights, high-spirited entertainment and fall festival atmosphere is an unsettling sense of foreboding – all is not right in this peculiar place. The celebrating locals are morphing into terrifying creatures while they hold the chilling secrets to Midnight Falls.-LA Haunted Hayride website. 

Ha, I love it “all is not right in this peculiar place.”  Wish I would have written that.

Lots of ghoulish residents walking or stalking around, including this beauty:

Beauty 6

Miss Midnight Falls

Last Call

A reminder to visit the LA Haunted Hayride website for all the information you need on it.

I should also mention the people working at the hayride are all very nice and accommodating. They clearly want you to have a good time and do whatever they can to assist you with that. If you have any physical issues, tell them and  they’ll do their utmost to make your hayride as comfortable as possible

Now remember if you visit a spooky place and would like to share your experience with us, we love that. Here’s all the information you need on how to do so:

A Spooky Call To Action: Share Your Experiences With Us

Well, I think that about wraps things up here for this post. I thought this went well. You?

Wishing you and yours a safe and fun Halloween.



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