Halloween Spooky Primer: Whether You Are Going Out or Staying Home

Ok, let’s get to it, as today is Halloween.

Spooky History:

We have you covered with our Old World origins of The Spooky Holiday Trifecta, Oct. 31 – Nov. 2 

Want To Get Out On Halloween?

Haunted Houses.com  helps you find both Halloween Haunted Houses in your area, and real Haunted Houses plus Ghost Tours. (It can take awhile to load, FYI)

Are you near Sleepy Hollow, New York? If so, check out our recent post on the Horseman’s Hollow


And if you’d like some history on the Headless Horseman, see our “The Legend Of Sleep Hollow” That link also has other links to other great Halloween attractions in that area.

For those of you based in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley:

Spooky venues:  L.A. Haunted Hayride, SoCal’s #1 Halloween attraction

The Dark: The Necessary Ambience of Halloween and Haunts

Want To Keep It Real And Spooky? 

These below should satisfy your ghost hunting needs. There are numerous sub links in the post and in the links. If you can’t find a ghost here, then chances are they might be on extended vacations, community service, etc. But it’s Halloween, so they’ll be there. This is their time, when the veil between the spirit world and ours is said to be at its thinnest.


Haunted Places Throughout The Entire United States: A Spooky Primer

Haunted Houses: 15 Supposedly Real Ones To Visit and Investigate

Ghost 2

Want To Stay Home This Halloween? 

See our World of The Worlds post, where you can learn about Orson Welles’ spine-tingling 1939 broadcast that caused a real panic, and listen to it.

Orson Welles WOTW broadcast (CBS Radio)

Orson Welles reading a radio play script (Photo script courtesy of CBS Radio)


NASA recently released Spooky and Creepy Radio Recording From Outer Space just for Halloween 

Mars taken by the Hubble Space Telescope during opposition in 2003 23 Aug (NASA)

Mars taken by the Hubble Space Telescope during opposition in 2003 (23 Aug 2003; photo courtesy of NASA, ESA and the Hubble Space Telescope team)

Spooky films:  The Devil’s Advocate

Lighter Spooky Film:  Retro Dark Shadows remake is worth seeing for the vamps and the spooks

Dark Shadows - ghost of David's mother

Need Some Halloween Music?

We definitely have you covered here:

Music for The Grim(m) Season:  13-song spooky playlist for Hallowmas

Music For The Grim(m) Season:  Valse Triste, by Jean Sibelius

Music For The Grim(m) Season:  Allen Toussaint, strolling with skeletons

Music for the Grim(m) Season  – Dancing on graves

This one is a special favorite of ours, Louis Armstrong and Mickey Mouse   in a very, very, spooky and haunted house! You’ll also get the history behind this 1950’s creation. FYI, it a very addicting watch!

Mickey Louis Spooks Halloween

MSN’s has posted Top 5 Songs For Halloween

Have fun this Halloween, and don’t forget  A Spooky Call To Action: Share Your Experiences With Us

From those of us at Spooky Things Online, a most Happy Halloween!

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