Haunted Houses: 15 Supposedly Real Ones To Visit and Investigate

Are you a ghost hunter? A paranormal investigator? Would you like to be?

Here’s a recent MSN.com article titled “The Scariest Haunted Houses in the US and the Stories Behind Them” 

And get this, many are open for “business,” meaning you can tour them. Some you can even stay in, for a “price.”

Did you see our recent post titled “A Spooky Call To Action?” 

If this is your thing or bag, meaning visiting Haunted Houses, we are very interested in your experiences. Just write us a blog entry.  Please include a phone number should we have questions or need clarifications.  We can’t promise everything submitted will be posted, but that said, there’s a very good chance it will be posted.  We love spooky content! Posts may be subjected to editing but the guest author will be credited. Copyright will be jointly owned by the author and SpookyThingsOnline.

So if you’d like to submit something to us, don’t worry how long or short it is  email it to spookythingsonline@gmail.com 

To borrow a line from a famous radio commercial, we’ll leave the light on for you, or someone or something will:

Haunted House Lights

Your Spooky Haunted House travel agent,



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