A Spooky Call To Action: Share Your Experiences With Us

Is there a “spooky place” where you live, that has a reputation for ghosts and paranormal activities?

Is there some renowned Halloween Attractions you plan to visit during the Halloween season?

Well, we welcome guest authors sharing your experiences with us!

Here’s examples of what we are talking about, these posts written by me:

Travels To Sleepy Hallow’s Origins: The Horseman’s Hollows Halloween Attraction  

Headless Horeseman 4

Spooky Venues: L.A. Haunted Hayride, SoCal’s #1  Halloween Attraction 

spooky cat with full moon

And here’s a guest post written by our great friend to our blog, Joseph D. Kubal, that has an intro on our blog and a link to where the story appears on his blog: The Curious Traveler’s Guide To Route 66 in Metro Chicago



Now it’s also not just tied to visiting places. For example, I’ve written profiles in my paid journalism life on Orson Welles and H.G. Wells, then tied those thoughts together after seeing “The Martian” to do a post about Halloween and the Red Planet (for those of you who aren’t astronomically inclined, that’s another name for Mars):

Spooky Tales: Of Mars, Martians and the Well(e)ses 

Mars taken by the Hubble Space Telescope during opposition in 2003 23 Aug (NASA)

If you’re looking for ideas, or haunted places where you live, you’ll find book resources Here at Amazon.com 

And if you Google “Most Haunted Places In America” or US, lots of websites will come up. Here a recent one on MSM.com 

So if you’d like to submit something to us, don’t worry how long or short it is  email it to spookythingsonline@gmail.com

Please include a contact phone number should we have questions or need clarifications.  Can’t promise everything submitted will be posted, depends on relevance and quality but that said, there’s a very good chance it will be posted.  We love spooky content! Posts may be subjected to editing but the author will be credited. Copyright will be jointly owned by the author and SpookyThingsOnline.

Really looking forward to hearing from you,

Michael  Mink


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