Announcement: In Memorial: Maria Traska

Hi Spooky Fans,

Well it’s been awhile since our last post. That’s because our beloved webmaster and my co-founder of SpookyThingsOnline, Maria Traska, passed away in Oct. 2016 after a short illness.

While I founded the blog and have written numerous posts, I had no idea how to post. Further, I didn’t realize I even had the  username and password for the blog until last month, which is why this post about Maria has been delayed for one year, along with regular posts.

I’m completely serious when I say it’s almost like Maria guided me to it in my files once I started to think about it. In a sense it’s like Maria now contributes to Spooky Things Online from the other side.

I will be writing a more extensive post telling you more about Maria soon.

For now, I’m just excited that with the Halloween season coming, we are back and ready to share more “Spooky Things Online” with you.

Michael Mink

Thanks Maria, we all miss you very much.

Copyright 2017 By Michael Mink

Maria Traska

Maria Traska

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