Music for The Grim(m) Season:  13-song spooky playlist for Hallowmas

Ghostly greetings, spookyfriends!  Are you enjoying the first day of Allhallowstide, also known as Hallowmas?  This is the spooky trifecta that coincides with Samhain and that we’ve written about before; it marks the start of the Dead Season.  I thought a playlist for our favorite 3-day weekend was in order, but … ooops, somebody beat me to it!  Our thanks to Lindsay Koski on YouTube for her playlist/extended medley called 13 Halloween Songs About Ghosts & The Dead (embedded below).  We particularly like the Glen Gray and Cab Calloway film clips.

You should also check out yesterday’s post about the Witch Head Nebula on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website.  So cool!  It’s in the vicinity of the constellation of Orion the Hunter, which you could see in the night sky if it weren’t all overcast and rainy like it is in Chicago tonight … but a high-quality photo like you can see on APOD will do just fine.  In fact, it’s better than trying to spot it with the unaided eye (unless you have your own super-high-powered telescope; wow, those astronomers are good).


Have a frightfully good night, y’all!

Boo to you, too,
your spooky spin-jockey, DJ SweetMarie



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