Music For The Grim(m) Season:  Louis Armstrong and your favorite mouse

Good eeeeeeeevening, daaaaarrrrrrrrrlink creatures, dooooooo come innnnnn!  Tonight’s spooky installment of Music For The Grim(m) Season comes to you courtesy of ol’ Satchmo himself, Louis Armstrong, who has been known to sing a creepy Christmas song or two in his time.

Alas, but the great Louie is dead, having departed waaaaaay back in 1971.  This tune, therefore, will have to come to us from the everafter through the ether known as the Internet.  An enterprising person put the 1954 recording together with clips from most of the 1929 cartoon film Haunted House with a very young Mickey Mouse:

If this isn’t enough to freak you out, there’s more spooky music from our friends at CuriousTraveler66:  check out tonight’s Route 66 Halloween Song Of The Week.  Don’t take any poisoned apples from strange old granny witches and be careful out there tonight!

Your own spooky mixmistress,
DJ SweetMarie


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