Spooky Events:  Bram Stoker Festival is on in Dublin (Ireland!) NOW, October 24-27, 2014

OMG, how can we have forgotten to tell you sooner??!  We must have been moonstruck with that big ol’ harvest moon last week …  For those of you who can travel on short notice, Dublin is the place to be this weekend:  it’s the annual Bram Stoker Festival, and it’s on from tonight (Friday the 24th) through Monday night the 27th.

We only discovered this last year through our kindred spirit, Irish pal photographer Ed Mooney from Kildare.  He covered the festival last year for another spooky collaborator, the blog The Fairy Tale Traveler.  You can read his posts from the last festival here, here and here.

Bram Stoker Festival logo - fullThere’s just heaps of stuff going on at the fest.  You can check out the full calendar of events here.  But one thing is clear:  people dress up for this, and we don’t mean in white tie and tails.  For the rest of us, this is probably the time to mark our Blackberry calendars for next summer so you can book ahead for 2015, especially as Dublin is a popular town most seasons of the year.  Ahhh, then again, perhaps a nice American leprechaun will leave me a winning lottery ticket under my pillow between now and then so yours truly can go, too.  Worth hoping.

So:  all of you hanging out in Dublin at the Stokerfest this weekend have fun, hear?  With cheer!  (that means you, Mooney; we’ll let you spookyfans know when he posts something this year)

Have a boo-tiful weekend, y’all!

Your spooky travel scout,

Celtic cross & vampire - blog (morguefile)


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