Spooky tales: the ghosts of Hanover, PA

They’re baaa-a-a-ack …  Well, actually we never left.  Just been on sort of a hiatus for job reasons; you know how it is.  Sorry about that.  But for now, we have new posts as we lead into Halloween 2014 and after, in an effort to be the best blog of our kind.  Forgive us?  Oh, do, because we’ve got some lovely creepy stuff coming up for you.

BTW, if you don’t know much about us or this is your first visit to our blog, please take a moment to review our About The Blog entry and our criteria for a great ghost story.  We’d love to hear some of yours!

map of Hanover, PA and York County (Google)

A haunted house

And speaking of that, here’s another one making the rounds, in case you missed it.  A Hanover, PA couple, Deanna and Tom Simpson, claim that their home is haunted.  The otherworldly freeloaders are said to be five ghosts and a demon, just to up the ante.   What makes this story worth noting is the independent corroboration of a news crew, at least to the degree that they felt something strange was taking place in the house.

The haunting has one trait that is common to much paranormal activity: namely, this house and its grounds apparently have a history of violent deaths.  The Simpsons’ story was featured on a July 26th episode of the Fox TV show The Dead Files (no relation, of course, to that other Simpsons show on Fox).  There’s more information and a video of the episode here.

The former McAllister Inn (center), now apartments, Hanover, PA.  (street view courtesy of Google Maps)

The former McAllister Inn (center), now converted to apartments, in the Hanover Historic District, Hanover, PA. (street view courtesy of Google Maps)

The invaded inn

Apparently, the Simpson home isn’t the only spooky, haunted place in Hanover.  Opened in 1927 during the Roaring Twenties and Prohibition, the former McAllister Inn is awash in spirits – and we don’t mean booze.  To paraphrase a line from an old commercial, it’s a place where ghosts check in, but they don’t check out.

Some years ago, the McAllister Inn became the Hotel Richard McAllister.  Now it’s the McAllister Apartments (a fairly recent conversion), and the ghosts are haunting a building in a historic district that’s been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1997:  the Hanover Historic District.  While the building was still a hotel, manager John Kish called in paranormal investigator Carla Hehir for a closer look at the haunted hostelry.  Ms. Hehir said she’d seen a spectral woman in an evening gown wandering about the third floor, as well as some other resident apparitions (we wonder: was this ethereal vision a would-be flapper, or just an elegantly dressed woman of means in search of those other, less-than-legal spirits before she died – ?).

For his part, innkeeper Kish had a fairly sanguine take on the spectral shut-ins:  “My grandmother always said the dead will never hurt you.  It’s the living that will.”

Amen to that.  But the deceased can give you a darn good scare.

More spooky tales next time!

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