Spooky video in daylight? You bet your ghost!

Hello  again, spooky friends!  We hope you’ve been holding up well.  And if you haven’t heard about the New Hampshire ghost whose video has been getting thousands of hits for the last week, let us be the first to inform you.  It’s so rare that one ever gets to see paranormal activity live, let alone on video — in daylight!

It all happened at the Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford, NH, a snoozy little town of just over 7,100 people about 60 miles due north as the crow flies of Nashua, NH (at the Massachusetts border).  Which means it’s probably a few miles further on those twisty country roads. It’s a picturesque sort of New England town located on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, a very Stephen King-like setting.

The store is on Lake Shore Road, right next to Ellacoya State Park and not far from Gunstock Mountain Resort, a ski haven. Unsurprisingly, the store is in a very old building, built in 1734 during the Colonial era. In fact, much of the town, which was built around the Gunstock River, is on the older side.

According to store clerk Heidi Boyd, she was the only one in the store when the unexplained event occurred.  Sometime on Tuesday, March 17th, she walked out of the main area of the store into a back room and then heard this crash.  When she hurried back to the register area, she discovered that the glass lid from a cake plate had smashed to bits on the floor behind the counter.

Fortunately, this event was caught on the security tape. How very 21st century! The owner and his staff spent about a week going over the security video before releasing it to the public, and they say they can’t figure it out.  It’s absolutely clear that there’s nobody near the counter — or in the room, for that matter — when the heavy glass cake dome goes flying across the counter and smashes onto the floor.  It’s really quite eerie.  And since a moving object was involved, one immediately wonders about poltergeist activity, except that there were no disturbed teens or young children around at the time.  But judge for yourself:


Now wasn’t that something?  Store owner Steve Buzzota told local TV station WMUR that this wasn’t the first instance of something very weird and possibly paranormal happening in the store.  Some people have felt physical sensations, as if an unseen hand were pulling them at the shoulder.  Buzzota claims that sometimes he hears the sound of someone coming up the stairs while he’s alone in the store.  Manager Lisa Giles says that another employee once heard a man whistling in the store when no one else was there.  She added that “When we first opened the place, we saw the ghost of a man standing in the doorway.”  Apparently, he was just looking.  Sigh; browsers, the curse of the clerking trade …

Wow!  So cool to have seen this.  No wonder it set the Internet on fire.  Fortunately for the folks who work in the store, this appears to be the first time the spook or spooks have broken anything.  Were it otherwise, they might be dodging broken glass, which would be not so cool after all.

We’re not surprised that much of the town is old, given that it was officially founded in 1778 during the Revolutionary War; but since the building in which the store is located is 44 years older, it obviously predated the town. So perhaps we’re dealing with a Colonial ghost. Meanwhile, WMUR-TV reports that ghost hunters have been lining up to investigate the occurrence. Buzzota himself says that several people who saw the video on TV have told him that they plainly saw the figure of a man and his young daughter. Clearly, the rest of us don’t see that on this video, but Buzzota says the psychics’ reports have been pretty consistent. Does this mean there are more ghosts around? Nobody knows. At least until the next one shows up on video. But the ghost hunters have yet to complete their investigation, so we’ll have to wait and see what they come up with. Spooky indeed!


ps — Michael will be back soon; he’s been piling up a bunch of spooky movie reviews, so we should be posting one or two of those soon. Night-night, and don’t get a fright, now!

Until next time,
your spooky maven, Marie


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