Spooky doings on Lake Michigan:  13 Terrors Haunted House

Greetings, haunted house fiends!  The latest iteration of your fixation for this 2013 season premiered this weekend in Chicago at the Theater on the Lake, a very fine fair-weather venue on Lake Michigan at Fullerton Avenue (2400 N).  Yes, it is too cold to go to the beach – but not to a haunted house on the beach.

Back by popular demand (or so the ad claims, and we’ve nothing to disprove it), the spooktacular “13 Terrors Haunted House” is brought to you by the same folks who created the infamous Trail of Terror for years at Peterson Park on the city’s northwest side (well, technically, Peterson Park is between north and northwest, but I digress).  Both productions were/are offered by the Chicago Park District.  Sounds like the event was so popular out at Peterson Park that they moved it to a larger venue, and the Theater on the Lake is perfect.

Theater on the Lake marquee

The setting is actually a former sanatorium (true, dat), where you’ll encounter ghostly goblins and crazed creatures.  To quote the promo, “This year, visitors will experience a scary good time [on] the walk along the ghostly boardwalk.  Visitors will be paralyzed by fear as they stumble upon the claustrophobic room, are confronted by evil clowns, get turned around in the mirror maze, and [go] off kilter in the vortex, and that’s just the beginning.”  Oh, no – evil clowns!!!  (Seriously:  are there any other kind, other than Bill Irwin?  And a vortex, too?  How would they accomplish it??  I wanna see that.

It may not be for the littlest tykes, however.  The ad says ages 8 and up.  We assume they mean it.  This was the opening weekend, but you can still get tickets for Oct. 24-26.  Hours are from 7–10 p.m. and general admission is $10, which is fairly reasonable.  Free parking is available at the Diversey Harbor lot, which is located north of Fullerton on Cannon Drive.  You can get tickets at the venue on the day of the event or, should you be more prudent and want to avoid a sellout, you can get them online (highly recommended).  For more information, call 312-742-7994 or 773-262-8658.  Have a ghostly time!

Ciao for now,
Your spooky tour guide, Marie



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