The medium is the (spooky) message

I recently lost someone very important and very close to me, in November.  It was sudden and tragic.  It left me with a feeling of that too much was left unsaid and undone between us, that she left us much too young.

During the first few weeks and months after her passing, I felt her presence on a couple of occasions.  That led me to think about mediums, people who feel they can communicate with the spirit world.

I recently met a woman named Gail who is a medium.  She did a reading for me.  The setting was really terrific – a 40-acre ranch in a forest back in the foothills, just a few miles outside a city where I live in Southern California.  The ambiance for a communication with the other side was certainly there.

After showing me around her ranch, we sat down at her kitchen table.  The first thing she said to me was that she was getting a message regarding my deceased mother.  That part turned out to be very interesting and spot on.  When we talked about my loss, the medium again had some very compelling and thought-provoking messages to relay to me from my deceased friend.  I found the entire experience quite fascinating and eye opening.  I’m going to continue to learn about mediums and get readings from them for this blog.

BTW, I found a very interesting site to pass on to you about mediums.  The site is run by a former private investigator named Bob Olson.  In short, he has a list of mediums that he has personally tested and recommends; he believes them to be very good and not scam artists.  He also recounts his own experience with mediums whom he did consider fakes, which happened after the death of his father.

Have you ever wanted communicated with the spirit world regarding the loss of a loved one?  I never thought about it, until now.  Let’s see where it leads me – and you, yes?  Let us know about your encounters with mediums.  Don’t be shy; we’d love it if you’d share your experience with us.

Don’t get spooked  (well, not too much),

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