The Guest Who Wouldn’t Check Out: Bernie Kopell’s Ghost Story

Bernie Kopell, who portrayed “Doc” on The Love Boat and “Siegfried” on the original TV series Get Smart (as well as a cameo in the 2008 feature film version of the latter) had a first-rate ghost tale on this recent episode of Celebrity Ghost Story.  It was much like the one we posted from Dick Cavett.  What you’ll like about this is he wasn’t coming out of a sleep, was an adult, and there was another witness.

Kopell - cover of Love Boat DVDKopell was visiting his father-in-law, who had a ranch in upstate New York.  I got the feeling that Kopell was an established actor at this point, but he tagged along to help his father-in-law on some carpenter work at a local inn.

At around midnight, the two were still working when one of the ‘guests’ decided to walk through a wall and come toward them, her face clearly disfigured. Shocked and scared, Kopell and his father-in-law got the heck out of there.  The next day, they learned the inn’s ghostly secret.  We’re going to try to contact Bernie about this directly too, as we will with Dick Cavett.  Here is the link to Bernie Kopell’s Celebrity Ghost Story.

Actor Enrico Colantoni’s story in the same episode isn’t bad, either – a screaming ghost in the bedroom of his home in the distant mountains.  Perhaps one more reason for reconsidering a remote retreat.

Don’t be afraid – being scared is fine with us!
Until next time,

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