Evil New Orleans Ghost: Meshach Taylor’s Story

Happy Mardi Gras weekend, y’all!!!  You didn’t think we’d let it go by without a good N’Awlins story, now did you?  Naturally, we have another celeb ghost tale for you, but this one is geographically correct for the holiday.

Now, bearing in mind what makes a good ghost story, this particular one with Meshach Taylor does violate some criteria we offered – i.e., he was a kid at the time, and he was emerging out of sleep.  That said, Taylor’s story was very spooky and quite compelling.  And after all, isn’t New Orleans supposed to be the ghost capital of the United States?  As in, more ghost sightings per capita?

Meshach Taylor; photo courtesy IMDb

Meshach Taylor; photo courtesy IMDb

His story, in short:  As an adolescent, Meshach lived in New Orleans in an old house in a very old neighborhood.  One night, a spooky old man appeared at his window, calling out to young Meshach to come outside and sing.  Meshach said he wasn’t allowed.  For a few more nights, the apparition appeared, getting progressively angrier as he called out to Meshach but was rebuffed.

Finally one night, the ghost was yelling at Meshach, who made so much noise in response that Meshach’s father ran outside to confront the “man,” who had vanished.  A little voodoo from the housekeeper apparently kept this evil spirit away … and then, they found out who he was.  Spooky!!

This story was  from episode 9 of season 4 and was originally broadcast on October 27, 2012.  Here is the link to Meshach Taylor’s Celebrity Ghost Story.

Ah, but don’t let it spook you too much:  there are parties to have, parades to march in, and lots of good food to eat this weekend.  Laissez les bons tons rouler, mes amis!

(Update, sadly, Meshach Taylor passed away in 2014, a little more than a year after Spooky Things Online posted this.)

Until next time,

Michael and Marie

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