“Dallas” Ghost Story from Charlene Tilton

Tilton Charlene

Charlene Tilton, who played “Lucy Ewing” on the original run of Dallas and on the recent reboot of the show, had a very intriguing and spooky Celebrity Ghost Story.   It meets our criteria for a good spook tale.

Here’s the gist:   When Dallas began its first run, Charlene had moved into a new house.   Nothing too big or fancy, but certainly new for her.   One day in her home office, the ghost of a woman suddenly appeared, scaring the J.R. Ewing out of Charlene.

What makes this interesting is that according to Tilton, this sighting repeated on numerous occasions over the years, until Tilton moved out – and then the next tenant of the house also saw it.  Then she found out the history of the house.

It’s chilling to listen to her account of this.  Click here to watch Charlene Tilton’s Celebrity Ghost Story

We’ll try to talk to Tilton about her experience.  The show was episode 26 of season four and was originally broadcast on January 26, 2013 on the Biography Channel.

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