Spooky articles for you

As Halloween bears down on us, here’s some articles you might have missed over the last year from yahoo.com:

America’s Five Most Haunted Hotels

Haunted L.A. hospital being converted into senior living home

Sen. Rob Portman’s haunted hotel
October 30th is Mischief Night, remember, so keep an eye out for kids egging your windows or tee-peeing your house/car/front lawn, etc.  And don’t forget to check out our links on the side regarding the various iterations of All Hallows Eve.  Here’s an excerpt on traditional Halloween trivia from Halloween101.com:

*Orange is a Halloween color because of its association with the colors of Autumn and the Fall harvest.  Pumpkins fit nicely into that, although Jack O’ Lanterns originated in Ireland.  Candles were placed in hollowed-out turnips to keep evil spirits away.

*Black is one of the most common Halloween colors because it is associated with darkness and death.

Finally, here’s a bit of macabre-but-nice for all of those who just love the beginning and ending titles for PBS’s Mystery! series:  an interview with (the late) author and illustrator Edward Gorey.  For him, kit all started with Dracula … (you’ll have to read the article to find out what that means). Enjoy!

Don’t let the gargoyles bite tonight,
Michael and Maria


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